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Article How do I access my shell account?
You access your shell account via ssh. SSH is a program similar to telnet, which will give you access to the shell on the remote machine. It is...
Views: 1720
Article Cum se porneste un eggdrop?
[11:30:53][Sun Feb 03][] [~] > ls Scrabble/ [11:30:55][Sun Feb 03][] [~] > cd...
Views: 1532
Article How to add/create shells/user on Webmin
Login to you accont on Go to > Users and Groups         > Create a new user. How do i access my shell/user...
Views: 624
Article perform
This module is a part of ZNC. This module is shipped with ZNC by default. If you have the right "LoadMod" you can activate it with /znc LoadMod...
Views: 235

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